Those That Survive Are Strong…

The Spiders are Slain
  • The twins, Mal and Hael, live in Tra Daer a drow city in the south of Solregnum.
  • Mitara (the twins’ house matron) “asks” the twins to go dispose of a traitorous drider that has recently escaped the silk mines.
  • On the way to the cave that the drider is holed up in, the twins see a caravan with a sun orb floating around it.
  • Outside the cave two elven archers are standing guard with three horses in front of the entrance. There is a green leaf emblem on the horse. After brutally dispatching of the guards the twins enter the cave.
  • Inside the cave the drider is talking with an eladrin and a cleric.
  • After the twins kill the drider and remove its head the other two run from the cave.
  • Back at Tra Daer there had been a mass killing of the drow within the city. It seems some had escaped the clutches of the invaders, but most had not.
  • The twins follow a caravan back towards a city near the cave the drider was in.
  • Along the way they recruit a band of feather loving kobolds and storm the city.
  • They discover (by maliciously interrogating an eladrin warrior) the green emblem is the sign of the Evergreen Initiative, and that a group of traveling priests are about to arrive to pick up the town’s sunpetals (prayers for Pelor).

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